2 thoughts on “rise, my children …

  1. I’d never have thought of this ion terms of necromancer/zombie until now. I like the light and shadow throughout, though – is this a straight ACR treatment or did you use some Silver Efex?

  2. I’d originally planned a Silver Efex shot. Greg T had sent him his Nik protocol, step by step. I’d posted a similar B&W treatment earlier, but Greg S told me looked over engineered. I sent a few images done in both ACR and Nik, and discovered the oversharpening and overprocessing artifacts possible in BOTH. The exchange reminded me that I need to get the best in-camera RAW image I can and not count on post-processing to compensate for poor exposure and focus. So this statue in Bona’s cemetery is ACR with a light hand on the monochrome sliders. When I tried to replicate it in Silver Efex, the sky became mottled. It looked ugly. Lesson for me: Be more careful with processing. The tools are powerful.

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