Based on Andrea’s comment below, I went back to #4 and cropped the top and bottom so that the sculpture completely bisects the frame. Interesting – it really heightens the split-screen effect.


I’m thinking about entering one of these in a contest. Do you think any are worthy, and if so, which do you like best? Thanks for any advice…

#1: Square, buildings to the side cropped out. Basic processing.

#2: Square, Fujichrome Velvia filter.

#3: Wide, full city context. Basic processing.

#4: Wide, Kodak Ultra Color 100 UC filer.

3 thoughts on “Janus – UPDATED

  1. I played around with the center. In the top shots, the edge of the sculpture – the center line in the bottom shots – is precisely on the left 1/3 line. I also cropped the top and bottom so that there’s no sky or ground above and below that line, which gives it almost an optical illusion feel, as though these are separate pictures spliced together. I like that disjointedness, although that may be me being weird.

    So far, between this and Facebook, you’re in the majority. Many thanks.

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