4 thoughts on “Winter’s Edge

  1. Interesting choices being made here. Knowing you, I’m surprised you didn’t crop down closer to the fence. Not saying you should have, but that’s what I’d have expected – a long, narrow pano. This really does convey the darkness of winter, though.

  2. nice shot. Denny’s mention of simplicity strikes home. but there’s also the movement you force the eye to engage in. right-to-left, quite counter-intuitive for a western viewer. forces the viewer to linger over the image.

    • That’s a good point about the direction the eye tracks. I’m not sure I think that’s all about being Western, though. I’ve always been that way. I have always seen that as a natural function of the way we read – everything is left to right. Am I wrong about that?

      For sure, though, anytime an image makes me read right to left I feel like something is wrong. Even in my own shots, I can’t help trying to frame left to right.

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