Remix Friday: Shots by Brandon Tutt and Michael Pecaut

Some time back the crew here discussed the idea of remixing – taking someone else’s shot and doing your own processing thing on it. I don’t know if this will catch on, but here we go with Remix Friday.

Back at the beginning of February Mike Pecaut came to visit and we went downtown to do some shooting. I took several shots of this venue – the Buell Theater at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts – but Mike’s was by far better. I even went back to see if I could recreate what he captured, and failed. So here’s my take on the best shot of the day.

This was taken by my friend Brandon Tutt at a railroad yard in Antonito near the Colorado/New Mexico border. I contrasted it up a tad and then used a bleach filter (one of may favorite techniques of late) on it.

2 thoughts on “Remix Friday: Shots by Brandon Tutt and Michael Pecaut

  1. Actually, the processing is similar on both. I began by using Nik’s Viveza to add a little structure and to adjust light – brighten spots that were too dark, take down spots that were too bright, etc. On the DCPA shot, I also used Viveza to make sure the red in the sign was fully lit and saturated a bit.Then a Pro Contrast to pop it a tad. I used Color Efex Pro’s Bleach Bypass filter next. I took the saturation down on each and popped the global and local contrast a tad. I think I then added a film effect to the DCPA shot maybe a Fuji chrome? Can’t recall.

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