6 thoughts on “dismal …

  1. Great, great set. I find myself looking at the house on the right in that first one and trying to decide if I like it or not. In the one hand, it detracts from the utter desolation. On the other, it provides a really thoughtful contrast, and perhaps a message about the things we take as more or less permanent. Great ambivalence and tension as is.

  2. Sam, that building on the right was Shooter’s Bar, now Fat Heads Tavern. You passed it each day driving to school. And thanks, Dan.

  3. I’m in like with your second one. It shows why I’m asking what I’m asking … do you go by this often enough to be able to try it during visual happy hour, just before dusk? I’m really wanting to see how this kicks up emotionally with some shadows working the trees and all.

  4. I’ve been looking at this building for years, Greg. It doesn’t appear so, but it’s in the middle of a cornfield. Most of the growing season, it’s nearly invisible. The day I shot these the ground was sufficiently frozen for me to hoof it out there. Your point is taken; I’ll look for an opportunity to revisit it.

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