8 thoughts on “green snake.

  1. I’d love to know what moved you to take this image? I see the advancing armies of moss, scaling the wall and headed for the tarmac. You know I love a picture with a good story. 🙂

    • It was the color, Dawn. You know how the moss just glows this time of year? Soon, it’s going to go brown on us. I wanted to capture this incredible advancing army (have I seen that wonderful metaphor before?) of green before I lost it. It’s right near home, and I can tell it’s reached its high point of growth and color for this season. The curve also was quite compelling, but it wasn’t until I got the image on-screen that I found the shape to be so close to the yin-yang symbol … I never saw that when I was shooting it.
      Your story of an advancing moss is far better. I can see the moss reaching out for passersby, pulling them slightly into the woods then instantly growing green mounds over them and no one can see there’s a person in there. So, the person inside’s going, “Huh? What’s this then?” inside all that moss, and the moss kind of communicates this sense of peace and gentleness, quite different from the aggressive act of the kidnap on the tarmac, and the person who’s covered in moss goes, “Ooohhh. This is quite nice, you know.” And the moss is happy and they spend the afternoon making each other happy until the sun begins to set and the moss knows the person needs to go home to the family and it makes a retreat back to the curb, revealing the person to the sky and the path home, and the moss settles in for the night. At its core, it’s a very nice patch of moss, although, it must be recognized that just last Tuesday evening, it was tempted to go for Melody who was walking her dog in the dark at 9:17. It had this insane notion of going for both Melody and her dog, Kat. Totally wicked behavior. No moss had ever done that before … two at one time. The moss likes to remember that feeling of BigTime energy and ambition, because it carries just that little bit of adventurous naughty it would like to have in everyday life.

      • Sam mentions this as material good for an upcoming episode of Grimm. Funny how that works. My initial thoughts on a story were either an all-out Grimm-type thing, with all sorts of mosses and monsters, or the happy one above. Both kicked off by that “advancing army” phrase. I choose the happy one because the glowing green of the moss really is very peaceful. When the sun hits it in a seriously mossed-up forest, the place just glows. I am still learning how all this happens up here in the Pac Northwest, and have not become used to any of it yet. Very exciting.

      • What a gorgeous story. Thank you. I shall repay you with another moss photo.

        I saw the yin-yang thing too but dismissed it because the two sides are not in balance. The tarmac exists at the expense of the soil. It is a lovely image and I’m so happy you shared it with us.

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