Versailles, floor level

Yesterday my fellow mafioso Andrea Frantz was wondering what my Versailles shot would look like from floor level. As it turns out, I took just such a shot.

I processed this one a little differently, as well. I’m finding that just about nothing is harder to deal with than a big yellow room. And this is a really big, really yellow room. Even when you have the color nailed, it feels oversaturated. So in this case, I actually pulled the yellow down a little.

4 thoughts on “Versailles, floor level

  1. interesting to see this, Sam. nice experiment in camera position. so much texture and defining lines in the floor gone missing. and the sudden overwhelming presence of the ceiling becomes almost unbearable. I’m struck by how much I seek out the conventional height of the photographer in this shot. I need the release from the pressure of the ceiling.

  2. I didn’t really see it as oppressive, but when I was doing that DaVinci gallery series I found myself fascinated by the hidden, ignored space above it all. In some ways, I felt like the contrast between the art and the room was the real story there. Here you have a different ceiling – one that’s very Modern. It’s like a ceiling I’d expect in a Kubrick film. The architecture and design of the space are what I find compelling. Maybe I’m channeling Welles a little bit.

    Maybe I’m weird, but these days when I walk into a gallery, the art is often the least interesting thing for me….

  3. I find the perspective quite interesting. I almost feel like I’m peering through a peephole at this peculiar room in the distance. Voyeuristic and fantastical.

  4. Your take on the room is very compelling – this version I feel like I am being sucked down to the end of the room. I have to say, especially in this version – that modern ceiling looks a bit like an alien craft hovering over the room. Very Close Encounters. Interesting choice made by the curators of this space.

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