4 thoughts on “One Sunday

  1. I love this. Not only is it nicely executed, but conceptually it’s very thoughtful. You capture the stages of the day, and also end up with a trajectory of gloomy to clear and pretty that’s quite optimistic.

    I’d love to see you do the same kind of thing, only this time with panels remaining in sequence as well. That is, the first one is the morning, the second one over is the second panel’s worth of space an hour later, and so on, so that the rightmost panel winds up being the far right of the shot at the end of the day. That way you get geographic continuity, as well. That’s a different can of worms, I know, but it might be fun.

    • That very thought occurred to me after I had several hours of unaligned shots. The creative wheels spin. Thanks for the nice comment.

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