6 thoughts on “Foggy Morning South Carolina

  1. You’re learning well. This is a well-framed image, almost mystical in its beauty. I like the way the image just fades away into nothing in the background. Take a bow.

  2. I mentioned Impressionism earlier. That soft, organic fade into the background is key to the effect, but the light in the foreground is just perfection. You have the natural light and shadow hitting that boat in ways you couldn’t reproduce again if you had to, I don’t think.

    I’m not convinced in the least that this needs much more in the way of processing.

  3. I’m with Sam. Tthis is a great shot and needs little, if any correction. Watch out for over-sharpening. I’ve found the desire to sharpen in my fog shots, but there is a limit you reach very quickly where you begin to lose the foggy effect. Overall, though, great eye in seeing this, and wonderful composition.

  4. Thank you all for the feedback about this photo and especially the editing wisdom. Working with fog is definitely tricky. Fine line between fog and noise it seems. I sort of like the grungey look and feel of this photo so it will remain “as is”.

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