Blast revisited

The last time I posted this image we discussed the color version vs the B/W version. I presented it for critique this week in class. A classmate went one step further and inverted the image.

That is actually a crop of the inverted image – this is the entire image:

Some folks told me they found the inverted image unsettling. Several people said it should be cropped. I can report that the more people expressed a preference for the color version. Perhaps because blue and orange are complementary colors?

Does the inverted image bother you? Do you like it? Do you hope I will never show it to you again? *smile*

Thanks for your feedback.



10 thoughts on “Blast revisited

  1. I’m not disturbed by it at all (although I still like the color version – I’d like to see a color version of the invert, in fact). At first glance, this looks like an underwater shot, almost. Very funky.

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