With the expert guidance of my fellow 5280 staff – I have been exploring black and white work. It is interesting to me how much emotion color brings to the table. Do you have an emotional response to one or the other of these images? No right or wrong answer, just part of the learning.

7 thoughts on “Blast

  1. I vote for the monochrome version here. In the upper left corner, I think the shadow detail is enhanced. The rivulets of reflections in the foreground I find more interesting than in the color version.

    • Thanks Denny – I was surprised how the shadow detail was enhanced in the B/W version too. Your elegant and restrained B/W images have taught me a lot about the shapes of objects. There is so much to think about before you push the shutter. 🙂

  2. though I love B&W, I lean toward the color version. there is a visual drama in the colors clashing up against each other. the contrast is incredible and has immense force of presence. the B&W, while offering up more detail, does not have that force. not that every image must have that, but the B&W seems to have recorded the fact of the boats and water without bringing the essence, the latent energy potential of the scene to the image.

    • Interesting comment – I looked at the scene purely for the purpose of satisfying the B/W image needed for class. I worked it out in manual first then took the image in B/W – then shot it in color. There are other versions of this in which I de-saturated the color version and a monochrome version that looks sepia. Those were printed for class critique. I’ll be curious if the color version has the same effect on my class mates. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the pair.

    • Sam – sitting with these shots again this morning I really appreciate your comment following Greg’s. The interesting thing to me is that in the moment I took the shot I thought I had captured enough “interestingness” with the reflections and textures in the water – darn B/W is hard. It is so much more than just capturing grey zones. Next week is color and white balance. My brain might melt before this class is over. 🙂

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