Temple of Theater: Remixed

When I posted my Buell Theatre shot the other day, Greg Stene asked this in the comments: “Just curious, did you have another shot which included the lower foreground, the walking space to some degree. I feel like the image is floating, and perhaps if it were grounded more in the foreground, you might have an image with an easier-to-find point of entry.” Good question.

I did, in fact, have such a shot. While I was at it, instead of just lobbing it up in comments I figured I’d take a few minutes and process it a couple of different ways. So here you go.

5 thoughts on “Temple of Theater: Remixed

  1. I like this. A little more foreground draws my eye naturally toward the “Ticket” office and the Jekyll & Hyde sign. My eye has a place to begin a journey through the rest of the image. I think this is an improvement.

  2. Yes, this does work better for me. As Denny notes, an entry-point has been established. Thanks, good to see this. Curious about how you feel about it. Your first instinct was to post the other version. There must have been something in that one that drew you to it more.

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