4 thoughts on “Moon at sunrise — Flatirons, Boulder, Colorado

  1. Beautifully captured. The Flatirons are a true wonder. I used to ride the bus or bike in from south Boulder up to campus and it seemed like it was different light show every day. Sometimes you get stark, high contrast (especially after a snow) and other times there’s a soft pastel glow, as you have captured here. Then there are those exploding sunsets during the summer.

    Everybody shoots the Flatirons, and it’s hard to do something that stands out anymore, but this is very, very nice. I think what really makes it work isn’t the color at all, it’s the upward trajectory marked by the line from the house to the moon, which is mirrored by the upward slope of the mountains. Really just a perfectly framed shot.

  2. Thanks all. To answer your question, Dawn, there are elementary school kids living in Boulder who have to ask their teacher what “fog” is when they read it for the first time in a book. The low mist here is, indeed, a very small amount of moisture precipitating out of the air in the morning chill, but as you can see, it very faint. We very rarely get enough humidity during the day to become fog in the evenings or morning. Good eye, though.

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