7 thoughts on “disintegration begins at sun’s first touch …

  1. There’s a great deal more of blue in the color of snow than people might suspect. In converting to monochrome, I often play with the blue slider to accentuate contrast. I have a few B&W images of the frost coming in the next few days.

  2. I’ll give that a try later. I suspect it might overwhelm the smaller, thinner crystals on the underside of the branch. That’s why I stopped where I did. Still, I’ll try it and, if successful, will add as a second image to this post.

  3. you mentioned focus problems at one point. have you tried the AI SERVO setting off the AF button on the back of your camera? it automatically continually compensates for changing distances between the subject and the camera. usually used in sports and things like that, but it might prove useful on a monopod which can cause the camera to weave in-and-out in terms of closeness to the subject.

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