4 thoughts on “The Temple of Theatre

  1. Denver has some interesting semi enclosed spaces… what is your weather that dictates these cathedral-like buildings? Seattle really has no equivalent – maybe a little at the convention center. Your collective images point to lots of blue sky – I will admit that I have more than a few moments of blue sky envy.

    Nice image – hard to meter that light though and keep everything else in detail. Nice work.

  2. Dawn’s right: This is a technically demanding shot in terms of overall exposure of highlight and shadow detail. On that score, it ranks high. At the risk of offending: It leaves me with an ambivalent feeling: It’s a visual feast — but where is my eye supposed to alight first? When I learned newspaper layout, center of visual impact was drilled into me. Find a point to the eye to alight, then guide it around.

  3. Dawn: Yeah, we do have some interesting venues. Lots of sky worship here, which you’ll get in a place with 300+ days of sunshine a year.

    Denny: No doubt. That’s the thing about that venue – there’s a LOT to look at. And sometimes I like taking these visual overload shots because they really do sort of reflect the place itself. That said, no, this isn’t an especially awesome photo. I can argue that there’s a direction, a track for the eye to follow, probably, but there isn’t a clear focus. In the other shots I took here that isn’t the case so much.

  4. Just curious, did you have another shot which included the lower foreground, the walking space to some degree. I feel like the image is floating, and perhaps if it were grounded more in the foreground, you might have an image with an easier-to-find point of entry.

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