Cabin No1

I was one of a handful of campers at Cama Beach last night on Camano Island, WA. The all day rain dampened my enthusiasm for a long trek through the woods – so I hung around and shot the local cabins.

It is hard to see, but there is the hint of the darkening blue hour just over the cabin roof line.

The grey rainy sky washed out the background, but I was pleased with the geometry in this shot.

I shot this one in B/W – the color versions didn’t have the small muddy road in the front. It was raining hard when I took this – so I wasn’t inclined to allow time for do overs.

Just before I called it a night I pointed the camera across the Saratoga Passage and captured the light pollution above Whidbey Island.

8 thoughts on “Cabin No1

    • Thanks – Cama is a little piece of preserved history for the Puget Sound. It was a fishing resort – the last of it’s kind to close in the 1980’s. The economic boom after WW2 meant people could buy their own boats and campers – not needing a place to provide this experience. The family donated it to the Washington State Park system – saving it from being developed into more twee houses.

    • Thanks – the State Park system has some outstanding spots to photograph. I can almost always find a local or two to share the history. Makes the experience for me…

    • Thanks – I spent all day pondering the potential of that shot. It met my expectation – three cheers for learning more technical skills. 🙂 I pretended I was the only person in the entire park and this was my personal outpost. Photography is so cool.

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