5 thoughts on “Denver Photo Challenge: Manning’s New Colts…

  1. You know, ordinarily, photos of other people’s artwork leaves me pretty cold, but I really like this one. You’ve frozen the water droplets and it appears that there may be some HDR going on (and I’m usually not a big fan of that, either), but it works, here. I think freezing the water with a high shutter speed adds to the sense of movement in the horses — as though you really caught horses in the act of jumping. The flow from the horse in the background into the clouds works, too. Actually, I’m having a hard time understanding why I like this photo so much, and I guess that shows in what I’m writing. It just works for me. Great job!

  2. The color decisions here are nice, too. Pulling up the blue in the horses draws them into the sky, as though they’re ready to fly away. The red in the rocks is a nice grounding counterbalance.

  3. It’s on the cusp of overprocessed, but the HDR works for me here, and it’s def. one of my best sellers so something right must with it.. 🙂 (although weird selling a pic of someone else’s art, right?)

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