Denver Photo Challenge: Where the Sidewalk Ends

July 2010 086
East Colfax Avenue – Summer 2010 (Denver, CO)

I am (as usual) a little late to the game, but thought I would share some of my photos from a few years back, taken on a trek of Colfax Avenue from beginning to end.  Probably post some more later – not with my sights set on winning this challenge (because, seriously, who can top Greg’s gorgeous city shots) but simply to share my Denver. 

6 thoughts on “Denver Photo Challenge: Where the Sidewalk Ends

  1. Love this. Colfax is the kind of subject you could spend a lifetime on. No matter what you’re doing, it’s not just photography, it’s sociology and demography and maybe history and possibly even religion. It’s a wonderfully interdisciplinary kind of street.

    Any chance we’ll see more shots as you work your way in toward town?

  2. The power/phone lines and lines in the fields all seem to converge near the horizon just off the left side of the photo. I find myself being pulled left by these lines. Then there is the “Colfax” sign which is a bit off – seems right. Excellent job capturing a non-traditional part of Colfax.

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