Denver Photo Challenge: Mr. Man

Another shot from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. I love this area because it’s so beautifully designed – lines and curves, light and shadow, textures and colors. I especially love it late in the evening and at night. The west side of this plaza opens onto a gorgeous view of the Rockies, and even in harsh winter afternoon light there’s something compelling about it.

I also tried to emulate a mild Kodachrome finish on this shot. Not sure whether it’s better with or without, so let’s see what people think….

The sculpture, which stands outside the Buell Theatre, is entitled “Man.” The artist is Fernando Botero. The companion piece, “Woman,” is depicted in my shot from the other day.

4 thoughts on “Denver Photo Challenge: Mr. Man

  1. It’s mindful of really good comic-book art. Hope that comes across as a compliment. I like this very much. Takes me back to reading comics in the ’50s. It has that certain sheen of really good printing (on much better paper than used these days).

  2. That’s an interesting take that would never have occurred to me. I look at shots like this and know that in theory there’s way too much going on, but at the same time, that’s the experience of the architecture and the venue. Comic book art can be pretty busy, too, I guess.


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