6 thoughts on “Kitchens Overlooking Lake Washington Moonrise of Distinction

  1. i think i like this one better than the earlier version of the moonrise – the context is interesting, and i like how the window frames the lake, clouds, and moon. the only thin would be to take out the slight glare at the top from the glass window.
    and a gorgeous place to live. gorgeous.

  2. I thought about the glare. I decided to leave it in consciously so as to accentuate that this is by god inside the kitchen. It seems to give it more of a “hey, there are people in here actually cooking right now” feel than you get if you take it out.

    I don’t know. I may be really wrong here. I wondered about it when I was processing the shot and you saying something has me rethinking. Shooting interiors is very new to me and I admittedly have no clue what I’m doing other than wandering around and saying hey, that’s pretty, and pointing the camera at it. If my friends ever sell the house and want to use the pic, I’ll redo it both ways and let an expert make the call.

  3. so, am i being too overt or whatever to say that the
    Kitchens Overlooking Lake Washington Moonrise of Distinction / “Kitchens of Distinction” joke was really quite nice. the Kitchens were actually quite a fun musical group.
    BTW … the word “new” in Sam’s reply just above, second paragraph is a hyperlink on my screen, just in case you were wondering what I was going on about. and this is after running the freshest version of Malwarebytes.

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