5 thoughts on “This morning…

  1. Love Denver; one of my favorite US-cities. Also reminded me (funny enough) to Brisbane in Australia. Later I found out that both were originally ‘cattle places’. Was in Denver in April 1996 for about 1 week. Some very nice architecture. Loved the ‘nomad’ tent out there (airport) and was in the stadium (red bricks with green). Nearby in Aurora was a bakery (Cypriots) that in the time was awarded with best bakery in America!. Would like to go back for photography and maybe I do someday!!! Thanks for showing me around!

    • If you can believe it, I actually backed off the saturation a touch because Mother Nature had it cranked up to 11 yesterday.. 🙂 This state gets some damn fine sunrises.. Utah is battling horrible air pollution, I wonder if some of it is drifting our way…

  2. Sometimes I see shots and think hell, that one is overcooked. Then I find out that no, it was actually underprocessed a little. It actually looked that way. I still get surprised by this, even though I have certainly seen my share of surreal skies out here.

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