4 thoughts on “water’s edge in winter …

  1. Love this series – especially the top image. Beautiful capture of the reflected blue sky in the bend of the water. 200? seems like just yesterday we posted the first images here… congrats and thanks for sharing so much of the beauty in your world.

  2. i really like the way the edges of the leaf on the right in the second image just disappear into the water. i’m wondering how the water would look if you did a longer exposure. crank that f-stop over to 36 or whatever max you’ve got. drop your ISO to 100. add a neutral density or polarizer filter or two. might be another interesting background for the ice. it’s beautiful as it is, but why not mess with things?

  3. I’d have to be cautious with a longer exposure. As the water moves, so do the plants. Not much, but enough to blur them in the image.

  4. we have to get you and GregS going in StockPhoto land.. make some money.. nicely seen.. I agree with GS that a longer exposure might be fun there…

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