4 thoughts on “morning fog …

  1. I love them both. But the second one, with the very sharp tree branches scratching upward to contrast with the background, and the inclusion of that one faint (but also sharp) tree by a rock (I think it is) on the left about a third of the way up, makes the second composition far more interesting to me. Very cool work, Denny.
    This is a pano. You don’t do panoramics. How’d you make this happen?

  2. Denny, someone has hacked your account and placed a non-macro photo on the site under your name… I’ve notified WordPress of the violation… 🙂

  3. That’s not a rock. It’s a small cabin. This is not a pano. It’s a kit-lens shot of my backyard. As for the hacker, it was my evil twin Skippy.

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