13th Avenue, Between Broadway and Bannock

“Broom and Dustpan” at the Denver Art Museum

Denver Public Library

“Lao Tzu” sculpture, Denver Art Museum

5 thoughts on “13th Avenue, Between Broadway and Bannock

  1. An interesting set of buildings. I love that top photo – the reflections in the glass walkway are fascinating. Those buildings are so aggressive – do they feel they way in person?

  2. They feel conspicuously self-conscious. The big angular shaped building is the new wing of the art museum. The old wing is the castle-looking building across the street. The library is relatively new, as well. There are other newish facilities in town that are also working hard to make sure you notice them – the convention center shots I posted a few weeks ago for instance, with the starship shaped roof. Still, we’re trying to be a real major league city and while I might have done things differently here and there it’s still all good fun.

    • It’s fun to shoot things that have been done to death. You learn and there’s a clear benchmark you can compare your stuff to. It’s also fun to snoop around for angles you haven’t seen before. 🙂

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