Phone pole art

One of the urban touch points for me in Vancouver are the phone poles covered in playbills. Sometimes you find a naked pole – exposing staples, scrap corners, bits of chewing gum and the odd nail. This particular visit I didn’t have time to fuss about taking a photo – so it had to be on the fly. The original image becomes a canvas – much like the pole itself.

Here are some experimental crops and tweaks.

As you can see the automatic point and shoot on the fly has issues with finding a firm area of focus, so…

How about a cold blue pole

or one with dark and rusty aspects – I like this one.

Thanks for sharing some phone pole performance art with me.

8 thoughts on “Phone pole art

    • Thank you – I’ve hesitated to post them, but what they lack in technical quality – they make up for in experimental fun (at least I hope so). We (collective people) strive so hard for perfection with our technical tools – it can be easy to overlook the value in simple images just for fun.

  1. Man, that is a LOT of staples. How you found one without lots of playbills I’ll never know. That last one is especially fun – it has a horror film vibe to it. Like if Pinhead was a telephone pole.

  2. I know I’ve been gone awhile, and I’ve clearly been missing quite a lot… This is impossibly spectacular. I love shooting pictures of surfaces, because there is often so much there that we miss. And you’ve really capture something here. These are works of art. Beautifully done.

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