5 thoughts on “The Platte

  1. yes, i have Denny’s question also. from the bending of the image at the bottom corners, i’m thinking a most excellent good super wide angle. and you’ve got a great flat horizontal on the horizon. beautiful shot.
    so, please let us know … full lens details?

  2. okay. i woke up at 3:27 this morning with a lot of general anxiety running. a lot of things running through my head and somewhere in all that mess, a part of my mind locked on this image and i got the idea that the incredible detail might be the result of stitching a number of images together. yes? and then the anxiety took over and i’m wondering about the melting of the frozen methane at the north pole area and the explosions that will come from that and then my recent wonderment at Tycho Brahe’s metal nose and why is my rubber chicken falling apart at the seams, literally, and who …

    • sorry, no stitching here at all.. just the world’s best wide angle lens, Canon 10-22 IS (a lens I dearly miss since going full frame this year). Really my favorite lens I’ve ever owned…

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