Weekly challenge – my 2012 in pictures

2012 was a year of experiments and learning… presented in no order

* textured cloth

* holiday light

* local drive in

* yellow petals

* rainy day

* soft moss

* downy feather

* pine needle

* airplane interior

* stop

* sky with sea of clouds

* space needle

My biggest lesson learned? You don’t have to be perfect to enjoy taking pictures – so snap away. That being said – I am grateful to my friends at 5280 for their encouragement and support. Thank you all for a more beautiful 2012.

5 thoughts on “Weekly challenge – my 2012 in pictures

    • Thanks – that was one of those moments that justify carrying a camera with me all the time… when the car headlights hit that sign – pop right out of the gloom came this red jewel.

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