4 thoughts on “Circle of Light

    • Guessing blue and white twinkle lights in the tree – how did her get the circles? rotate the camera with a long exposure? Cool image.

      • Dawn is correct on both counts.. xmas lights in tree.. 7 second exposure, 1 fixed axis on tripod.. 2 second delay, with camera moving at start of exposure. In other words, the TVGuyDeluxeCircleGenerator3000…

  1. I once shot lightning in a similar fashion. I lined the inside of a Quaker oats container (they’re cylinders). Affixed a mirror in the center of the bottom at 45 degrees, put a pin hole in the lid, and attached a 1 RPM motor to the bottom. I pointed in at the general direction of lightning and turned on the motor. I sure wish I knew where those negs were.

    Nice work, Greg. I’m gonna steal that technique …

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