9 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I don’t know that I see beauty, exactly. Knowing what I do about the place I tend to see abject horror in all directions. Although, from a certain perspective, I certainly know what you’re getting at. There’s a grandeur at work and some of the architecture is sublime. It would have been an interesting place to go insane in, wouldn’t it?

    • i get what you are saying, and i guess my use of beauty is not necessarily something that others will agree with. i mean it strictly in a visual sense – the angles and the shadows and the way the light falls through the holes in the roofs and walls…. i guess, for me, it is a beauty of the physical, what is simply there, than what i see on a more metaphoric, philosophical, level. the play of the light is the most beautiful part of the place, i think. but i understand that others may disagree.

  2. I do know what you mean. I think a lot of my own noodling about of late makes clear how much I love architecture – lines and curves, angles, light and shadow. I don’t know that I psychically want to visit the place, but the shooter in me would love to spend a few hours in there with a camera.

    • i get it, but honestly, although the place definitely has some strange and unpleasant/sad energy at times, i think i have been visiting it so much that either i am used to the way it feels, or the building itself is used to me. i don’t hold the building responsible for the things that happened there. and maybe the building gets that.
      or i might just be losing my mind. either way, i like the place.

      and now i sound like a weirdo.

      • Your reverence for the place I think comes through quite well. As you know from past discussions, I absolutely love just about every shot I’ve seen you take here. Are you going back this year?

  3. Sam: haven;t decided on whether we will go back this year or not…really depends on the weather – as cool and interesting as it was to go in the snow, it is hard to spend the time i want to when i am freezing and my fingers are numb. we shall see… i will, however, be gallivanting around Philly and NYC with camera in hand, so hopefully i will have some interesting things to show y’all when i return.


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