4 thoughts on “a hopeful glimpse of beauty on a sad, tragic day …

  1. Denny, what’s going on here? Like in your earlier posting, I’ve never seen ice crystals in such perfect shapes before. Is it always like this for you guys up there? This is absolutely beautiful. And very engaging.

  2. I shot these next to a stream down the hill from my house. The night before had been cloud-free and without a breath of wind. That allowed the crystals to accrete in the presence of water vapor from the stream. I shot there again this morning. Same overnight conditions. But next to the stream, no accreted frost. Fifty feet from the stream, and up the hill to my house, frost galore. Go figure.

    There’s a wonderful book for those interested in snow flakes and crystals. It is “The Field Guide to Snow Crystals” by Edward Lachapelle. (http://www.amazon.com/Field-Guide-Crystals-Edward-Lachapelle/dp/094641713X)

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