4 thoughts on “Old window

  1. You know what’s really interesting in this shot? I actually think that IS an energy efficient window that has been installed. And has quickly been assimilated into the quiet history of the original structure. Ah, the intellectual depth….

  2. I’ve been struggling with what’s happening to me when I look at this. Much of the same as happened with the adding machine. I can mention the comforting effect of the soft light. The immediate access to the familiar things within the image. The sense of invitation the image evokes. And finally, I know what it is … intimacy. I am being given a chance to experience the reality through your image. I’m the person standing there, looking out the window. Those are my papers, my book, and it’s my neighbor’s car outside. And that cup … I believe it may be used for water while I’m painting my watercolor landscapes.
    And you do all this with a point-n-shoot. You are making it very difficult for me to justify to my wife why I absolutely need to buy that Canon t4i camera body.

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