3 thoughts on “The Man Who Loved Books Too Much

  1. i do like this room, Sam. just the idea that it was something to shoot is cool. you look at it … and you get a feeling that you’re right on the edge of another dimension kind of warping in on you. and you cannot help but imagine what the three people in the room look like?

  2. I eventually have to get to the point where I don’t avoid shooting people, because if there were people here that would be a whole new world of possibility. Right now, though, I’m just drawn to the pure space. I always wait for people to clear the shot before I pull the trigger.

    • yes. all those nasty people. i look forward to them leaving before the shoot also. here, the “pure space,” sans humans, was rather exquisite. there’s a lot more to this room than you’d think on first look.

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