4 thoughts on “Grand Central: Tattered Cover on Colfax

  1. Thanks. And can I tell you what a bitch it is trying to get the color right in this shot? No matter how you white balance it comes out looking like hell’s own lemon patch. The room IS nice and yellow, but getting the level right is one of the harder things I’ve tried to do with a shot so far. The room itself is awesome, though. Lines and curves and old light fixtures – one of Denver’s really wonderful rooms…..

  2. it looks like you’re becoming the group’s architectural shooter. and doing a very nice job of it. white balance has always been a bit of a mystery to me, but it seems like you have some really decent whites in there, so … i’m not really having any trouble with the color.
    So, here’s a question:
    Which is better … Tattered Cover, or Powell’s, in Portland? I lean toward Powell’s as a bookstore because I live here and have never been to the TC, but interior-wise, there’s nothing like your shot anywhere in Powell’s.

  3. Never been in Powell’s. But there are two TCs in Denver (and a third in Highland’s Ranch, which I assume is suburban sterility hell like everything else down there) and both are a lot of fun architecturally. The Lodo store is old downtown, once a warehouse I think, so there’s that late 19th century western city vibe. The Colfax store is newer and you can see the architectural style at work there, which I guess is Deco-ish?

    I need to learn more about architecture and design. I love shooting it, and can’t help thinking I’ll be better at it once I understand exactly what to look for.

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