drained dry.

Denny’s B&W look at the Badlands caused me to take a look at some work I did in a place you’d never expect to do in B&W … the Painted Desert, in Arizona. Everything was color and happy, until Denny made me turn it empty and incredibly strange. [this is a reposting of the image after a bit more work on it.]

5 thoughts on “drained dry.

  1. My Badlands shot, taken this summer, in color was unimpressive. I’m not sure that I could have shot this in (my long-favored) Panatomic-X and manipulated both film exposure and development time (including soaking the print in water for an hour before slipping it into the stop and fixer) to get the broad range of shadow and highlight detail that digital manipulation affords.

    Nice work, Greg. Never seen the Painted Desert so wonderfully bleak.

    • your Badlands shots were incredibly detailed. i was totally knocked out by that, and the silky smoothness in the tone it produced. mine comes across as a heavy-handed sort of attempt at something or other. it just seems to lack the quality you got out of your image. is it just a matter of two different images being that much different, or did you do some sneaky Denny-stuff to it? did you turn your landscape into a macro shot? I’ll bet that’s what you did.

  2. Nothing that sophisticated. Mostly it was playing with the orange and yellow monochrome bars in ACR, then working on the whites and blacks.

    If there’s one thing that frustrates me about digital (and screen displays), it’s getting white to be actually white.

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