8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections – Time Machine (dusk)

  1. Love the shot. Everything is so crisp, clean, clear. Even the sheen of detail on the metal and glass surfaces is superbly executed. Then to have the warmth of the lights and sky in the background? Wonderful. Warm and cool all in one image. Take a bow, Sam.

  2. i do like the idea of two (or more) versions of this shot. each says something different. this second one i find most inviting.
    got a thought … if you end up back there again and think of this … does the image change if you bring the camera to about the 4-foot level, to where it would be, vertically, at the same height as the exact widest part of the outside curves.
    or possibly lower than that point, so that we have this arch imposing a sense of grandness over us.
    i have no idea if this makes any kind of difference, but it might be worth a shot.

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