3 thoughts on “so, are you sick of leaves yet?

  1. Thanks. Most of my leaf shots over the past few weeks were shot in the same hardwood forest behind one the residence halls on campus. It’s where I take my daily constitutional before heading to my office. Because I’m lazy, I don’t often haul the Canon and its entourage of accessories into the woods. Most my leaf shots in this location were shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, a poor man’s Leica point-and-shoot (it has a Leica lens). I bought it because it’s one of the few P&S’ers that will shoot Camera Raw. And it’s got a relatively decent macro setting. I love the damn thing. It takes far better images than I had a right to expect.

    I use a monopod. Oddly, the end of the monopod doesn’t often hit the ground. It acts as a handle. It’s easier to brace the camera holding the monopod. Sometimes I just park the end of the monopod against my leg. Sharpness of images (to me) directly related to killing as much camera motion as possible. The smaller a camera gets, the more likely simply pushing the shutter induces camera shake.

    But I ramble … as usual. Thanks for the comments.

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