my wife, Amber, and i were walking in the park a couple weeks ago. she hands me a seed pod she’s picked up and goes running. i do not run as a general principle guiding my life. i do not ask about the pod. i shoot it. stick it in my pocket. a couple weeks later, i stick my hand in that jacket pocket. i am freaked out.

i have never seen a seed change shape after it’s separated from the tree. this simple pod, as you can see, became a flower in its own right. each petal becomes its own individual seed. very cool. i’ve got a lot to learn about the things that live here in The Great Northwest. i suppose, since i live here now, that means i’m in for a lot of introspection.  [i know this looks as staged as it was, but there’s something really nice about the color of the decaying leaves reflecting a sense of colors in a flower.]

4 thoughts on “remarkable.

  1. since i live here now, that means i’m in for a lot of introspection

    What else are you going to do all winter when it’s raining? (smile)

    Very cool – both the images and the event. You might be careful about tucking away too many pine cones in your pocket – spiders live in them. The cone from the Douglas Fir has nifty seeds – kind of alien looking.

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