3 thoughts on “Cell 210, in which I have been imprisoned for 17 years …

  1. Where’s the undergrad across the desk explaining to you why he deserves an “A” even though he didn’t attend class and turned in no assignments?

  2. I’ve been in that cell. I only had to do one year. I was released on account of bad behavior.

    And Stuart – the undergrad you’re wondering about is probably in the Dean’s office with Daddy complaining about bad old Denny.

  3. blindfold me. take me into the office, uncover my eyes, and let me look around. i would know it’s Denny. even down to that too-damned-small monitor. someone needs to get into there and lock this place up for an archeological project/time capsule for a definitive look at how possessions of the early 2000s defined the individual. coffee cups. stickies. and most sly … the suggestion that because this is a Ph.D.’s room the idea that there is order in the disorder. no. this is simply a mess. don’t believe it? look at those notebooks, near mid-center of the second shelf from the top. they have not been looked at in years, i’m sure. does Denny know what’s in them? does God?

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