6 thoughts on “Joy

  1. This was taken, as you can see, backlit by the setting sun with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 II IS USM L lens on a 60D body. This is the best lens I’ve ever owned, hands down. The sharpness and color contrast are often stunning, an the reach on the 60D’s 1.6 crop sensor allows me to get photos like this from a goodly distance, so I’m often not noticed (though the lens is an off-white monster that weighs a ton!).

  2. Thanks Dawn. I was VERY lucky that none of that sun spilled onto her face, because I think it would have ruined the shot. As it is, her head is tilted just far enough away that the hair of the woman she’s hugging gets sun spill, but her face doesn’t. Appreciate the comment.

  3. Sam, the technical side of this is easy.

    Suppose you took a shot and then cropped it in post. It would look more like a telephoto shot, right?

    OK, now imagine that you’re cropping IN the camera, because your sensor doesn’t capture the entire image projected onto the back of the camera by the lens. It just captures some portion of the center part of that projected image. It would mean (and does mean) that you get more of a telephoto effect from any given focal length on your lens. The smaller the sensor, the more the telephoto effect, yes? Using a sensor that’s smaller than traditional 35mm film, plus a long telephoto lens, allows you to stand far away from the action — often beyond a distance where most people would notice you — and shoot shots like these.

    Make more sense, now?

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