4 thoughts on “i do loves my photoshop … i do … i do.

    • Dawn, I’ve been thinking about this all day. off-and-on. took some time out to eat. in all seriousness, though, i am a huge fan of the decaying objects we leave in our wake. it would seem that i would, indeed, want the rope in place as part of that.
      but i want that decay on my terms. i want it to have mystery, i want it to create a sense of wonder, i want it to be something i encounter without any human intervention. and for that, the rope had to go. it was a barrier to the experience. it was preventing me from engaging the pump as just the pump. yes, the rope was real and reflected human activity regarding the pump, but this romantic idea i have of the artifact-decay process really does not allow room for humanity. just the object. and i recognize it may not be reality, but reality is often way overrated, as they say.
      powerful question, you had there. thanks.

      • Greg – thank you. You have provided a thoughtful answer to the question and given color to my thinking about altering images in general. Man put that rope there – man could take it away as well. That seems reasonable to me and provides the same focus to that photo as a skillful crop would in leading the viewer’s journey. I struggle with the idea of really altering photos – the fashion and beauty industry has done profound harm to our collective self-worth by creating mutant models and unattainable visions of “beauty.” Reality isn’t always nice or beautiful – and maybe every photo ever taken is a form of twisted reality.

        My passion for picking up a camera comes from wanting people to look around them. It is my own journey to learn from the whole – there are lessons in everything if we look. Thank you for being part of this journey for me.

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