some pleasantries. some butt-ugly.

the light for the rest of the year up here in The Great Northwest seems to be gone now. grey skies. rain. i captured some of the last light a couple days ago in a community garden. when fall comes, there is little left to show of all the care gone into these grounds over the summer. but the punkins seem arranged for photographs, and the light cooperated.

i liked the way they just hung there, not seeking the ground.


if they were kids, you’d say they were trying to hide. but they’re not kids. their plants. so they’re not hiding. they’re just there. boy … that takes the imagination right out of it.

and then we have the lonely one, which by now, we realize cannot be lonely, since it’s just a plant. but maybe it can evoke a sense of loneliness, in which case, it actually seems to communicate with us. look at me … i’m talking to a punkin. oh, god. i’ve got to talk to Amber, my wife, a lot more than i do.

this is just plain unseemly. but i did promise it. i never knew rhubarb had such … texture.

4 thoughts on “some pleasantries. some butt-ugly.

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I can be a real sucker for light and weather that others find to be bleh. Here, though, you capture something that just screams autumn, late afternoon. Wonderful stuff.

  2. Shhhhh – maybe the rain won’t be wall-to-wall until spring. Those are lovely captures of autumnal light. I thought rhubarb was a spring thing – it gets married up with strawberries in pies. Who was the first person to eat rhubarb? Brave soul.

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