4 thoughts on “Trailer Trashed

  1. How cool would that be to restore? It must have had enough structural integrity for you to walk around the floor… What is different about the middle window (color)?

  2. Dawn: Structurally, it’s solid. The floor is fine. The wood veneer needs replacement in places, but mostly, it’s okay. The place just smells very musty. Some sort of fumigation might be necessary. The trailer is on a friend’s property in Como, and she is thinking about how to restore it. It would make an ass-kicking office and guest space.

    Sam: At first, I actually liked that second image the best too. But I thought that the view of the fence out the window in that first image might grab the attention a little better, so I went with it. In any case, with that second image in particular, I was trying to channel the spirit of David Lynch.

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