2 thoughts on “Mildred’s Pond

  1. These days I find myself paying attention to things I never thought about before, like the lines and the visual flow in this one. The clouds are right to left, the lily pads are arcing to the left, but are contraposed by the angle of the grass int he foreground. There’s a part of my brain that’s insisting you flipped this image horizontally just to create tension. The color is beautiful, of course. The whole thing pops in a way that gets more interesting the more I think about it.

  2. Those who know me know that I’m always asking the question about the story a photo tells. To me, the most affecting photos have story lines, and it’s usually the more intricate, or ambiguous, stories that grab me the most.

    Nature shots like these are usually taken from an angle that excludes civilization, and I have a few shots of this place that are like that, but they leave me cold, no matter how well composed they might be (or not). What I like about this shot is the juxtaposition of natural beauty with the power lines and structures, one gaily painted, in the background. The cloudy sky saturates the greens, and the ducks and their wakes on the water suggest some sort of harmony between the people and wildlife that live here. Or maybe not. Is this natural wetland, or is it a carefully tended pond? Are the ducks wild or hand fed? We don’t know, but the more we look, the more questions we have, and the more possible stories there might be, eh?

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