the excitement of seeing.

we’ve got a lot of things to shoot up here in the Pacific Northwest. the problem is, a lot of it’s already been shot to the point that it seems like a cliche to shoot it again. but i’ve found that light, camera angle, the way it’s framed … all this and more can take an expected shot and make it something more. one other thing while i’m on this soapbox, when i give in to the joy of shooting something, i end up with my most unexpected images. that … total involvement and passion for the shoot … i think it helps. sometimes you need to be clinical, like in architectural shooting, but passion brought to even that changes things. Continue reading

Independence Pass (September 2010)

Aspen trees, in honor of autumn, and in anticipation of my mountain jaunt tomorrow.

Taken on a day-trip up Independence Pass in the fall of 2010, prior to a good friend moving back to California. She and I spent a couple of months in 2010 going on photographic road trips so she could get as much of Colorado in her sights before leaving. ¬†This trip took us over Kenosha Pass, through Leadville, over Independence Pass, and back home down I-70. Tomorrow’s day trip will be over Guanella Pass (road conditions permitting), Leadville, Independence Pass, back down to Kenosha, and home. ¬†Should be a good way to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.

change II

this is the first of three shots of one building facing the side of the federal building in Portland. ironic, or whatever, that stability is contrasted so powerfully with this brick and broken glass. all three shots come from this one side of the building. someone once called it working a shot … different angles, perspectives, etc. i’ve found that for me, working a shot accomplishes a lot more than trying to get a lot of different ones.

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