4 thoughts on “The DaVinci Gallery: Leverage

  1. This is exceptional. Well framed, wonderful depiction of depth with foreground, center, deep background. The subtlety of the reflections on the polished floor is wonderful. Take a bow, Sam.

  2. i’d like to reflect, as it were, Denny’s comments. i particularly like the power of the line of black-shadowed pulleys at right-center. great sense of contrast there. and their lines perform the opposite of typical perspective lines of convergence … they open us up to the experience in the center and to the left. very nice.

  3. Thanks, Greg. I spent three or four minutes at least inching the tripod around, raising and lowering it, and so on trying to get the lines the way I wanted them. It was an interesting contrast in lines, I thought, although as is always the case I didn’t know if I had gotten it right until I got it downloaded and could look at it in the viewer.

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