unnatural lines

was wandering the park yesterday. somehow got roped into doing a small study of lines in civilization’s version of nature. nothing earth-shattering. just kind of visually fun, i hope.

a very short gate. probably for animals passing through.

3 thoughts on “unnatural lines

  1. I like the lede photo especially. When I go shooting, I’m often just looking for patterns. Even in landscapes, I like looking for geometric planes and lines. That’s why I miss the West so much. We’re rather non-Euclidean here in the East.

  2. i’ve mentioned to a number of people who live up here in the Pacific Northwest that the very reason i love living here, is the same reason i hate it. all this growth and trees crowd out the horizon, and you never see a flat distance running to the sunset somewhere out there. i think that’s one reason i’m headed to a shooting excursion of maybe 20 days or so out in the desert come spring, if we can afford it.

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