the excitement of seeing.

we’ve got a lot of things to shoot up here in the Pacific Northwest. the problem is, a lot of it’s already been shot to the point that it seems like a cliche to shoot it again. but i’ve found that light, camera angle, the way it’s framed … all this and more can take an expected shot and make it something more. one other thing while i’m on this soapbox, when i give in to the joy of shooting something, i end up with my most unexpected images. that … total involvement and passion for the shoot … i think it helps. sometimes you need to be clinical, like in architectural shooting, but passion brought to even that changes things.

the way the walls stack on each other take this completely out of the idea of a building for me, and move it into a representation of the layers of reality/truth we encounter in our lives.

this is not the way you’re supposed to shoot a lighthouse. yet, i think it captures the fact that it’s a place people actually lived in during their working day so eloquently, rather than it just being a lighted house, by showing that broom in the room through the doorway.



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