we most often think of urban decay in terms of blocks, buildings, streets. there are other, smaller things we can look to, to see what is happening. it may not be urban decay per se, but it is interesting how those smaller things can show us change. this composite is of a 2007 shot, and one done yesterday. it was not planned to do this in 2007, so it’s not perfect. it’s a bike and rider suspended on an exterior air-conditioner two stories up.

this is 2007.

and this is 2012, yesterday.  it looks like the rider has grown tired and is leaning forward more.  the rust seems to have taken over.  well, this is Portland, after all.

3 thoughts on “change.

  1. That you were able to come back and capture that exact spot five years later is impressive. But the question I can’t get past is why is there a sculpture of a bicyclist on an air conditioner on an apartment building?

    We may never know.

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