7 thoughts on “Ages

  1. I don’t usually comment on my own stuff, but I thought I’d just comment a bit on what made this image work for me. First, look at it yourself and see if it works for you and what it might mean to you before I muddy up your mind with my own thoughts. Done that? OK. You can go on to the copy, below.

    What I see in this is an old woman facing one way, and young women in the background facing the other. The elderly lady is also white/blue in tint, and the young women behind her are honey warm. Even the skin textures speak of contrast, as the tattoo speaks to generations and their gaps, and the fact that they are not interacting with each other speaks of the different stages of life, and what is important or not important to us in those stages. To me, this image just has a lot to say about the human condition, and the fact that the subjects are female drives the message home in a way that I don’t think I would have felt had the subjects been male. Just my opinion.

  2. You really, really should have been a photojournalist. Your knack for capturing not just what people are doing at the moment, but the symbolic nature of those actions, is incredible. I wish I could do it.

  3. You didn’t see them connected, but I did. I imagined that you captured a family with generational women. The matriarch up front – her health is in question, look at the tubing attached to her necklace. The young ladies behind her are dressed up – is this a wedding? I loved the the arms covered – in the older woman it is a dress and the younger one with tattoos. They are connected by hair color as well.

    It is a celebration of life stages. Nice shot.

  4. Thanks Dawn. I overreached a bit when I said that they weren’t interacting, I suppose. Of course there’s always some interaction, and the young lady on the right is glancing in the elderly lady’s direction (or talking to the tattooed young woman). Yes. This was a wedding, which is also a stage of life that has long passed the elderly woman. I see her as a widow. Perhaps an aunt, standing alone when everyone around her is talking in small clusters (though you can’t see this in the photo, of course), attending out of duty when, in fact, her world is focused on that plastic tube these days.

    I guess the point is that you can look at this image and find more and more and more, and that’s what I like about it so much. Thanks for the feedback.

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