West 38th, pt. 1

Welcome to Northwest Denver’s Berkeley neighborhood.

Smoke Break

Richard Reinholz takes a break from his shift at Burrito Giant.

Nom Nom Nom

The mural was done by Walter at the Arupe School down the block. Nice work.

By all means, if you live in the 5280, check out Burrito Giant.

6 thoughts on “West 38th, pt. 1

  1. man! i love that first image! the colors, the composition, the moment in time. this is always the sort of street photo i want to take. gorgeous work, sam. really. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kelly. This is something I want to get better at and I made four or five trips across the street to shoot it trying to get it right. It finally kinda came together when the guy who works there saw me and came over to see what i was up to.

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